The Alcatraz Lighthouse Preservation Project is an initiative of the US Lighthouse Society in partnership with the National Park Service and the US Coast Guard.

We’re dedicated to restoring this San Francisco Bay icon with the goal of creating public access and educational opportunities.

Unlike many of San Francisco’s famous landmarks (Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.), the Alcatraz Lighthouse hasn’t had an advocate or organization to keep it shining for future generations. As a result, this more than century-old tower is severely showing its age. This beautiful historic structure, weakened with rust and decay, is in need of repair and preservation. We must act now to save this San Francisco icon!


Project Plan and Timeline

The US Lighthouse Society has launched a capital campaign to repair the current structure, give the public access to the tower, and establish educational interpretative programs about the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Restoration

Because of the existing decay, significant repairs to structural concrete, iron work (stairs, railings), and windows is required, which will take 2-3 years to complete.

Public Access and Education

Visitors to the Island will have the unique opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse! The 360-degree view is spectacular! An observation deck facing San Francisco that depicts the location of the lighthouse keepers’ house will also be built.

Lantern and city


Education about the history of the San Francisco Bay and the lighthouse are an integral component to our mission, as well as bringing to light the historical and on-going importance of the Alcatraz Light Station to safe navigation. An interpretive area featuring a history of illumination exhibition is planned, along with other educational installations.

The project budget is $3.5 million. Work is planned to be completed by early 2022.